Car crashes through wall of local bakery Sweet Frostings

SPOKANE, Wash. — A car crashed through the wall of local bake shop Sweet Frostings on Saturday morning.

Before the shop opened that day, a car crashed into another vehicle on the road outside the building, sending it crashing through the south-facing wall of the store on First and Washington.

“Nobody was hurt, thank God,” said Sales Manager, Jessica Winfrey, “It was really a best-case scenario in a worst-case situation.”

Winfrey said that everyone was baking in the back area of the shop when the car crashed through.

Now, Sweet Frostings plans to put up concrete pots as both a decorative piece, and a barrier against out of control cars, if anything like this were to happen again.

There was extensive damage to the building and car, but everyone walked away from the incident unharmed.

The bake shop has since put up a temporary wall, and is remaining open with normal operating hours.