Capitalize on this pleasant weather while you can -Nikki

Here is your local weather forecast for March 5, 2020.
Mid Day Web Weather Forecast For March 5, 2020

SPOKANE, Wash. — Capitalize on these spring-like conditions while you can! We are dry and warm today, but changes are coming for Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures this afternoon will be very warm for this time of year. Some areas are getting to get near 60 today. If you’re in Lewiston today, very warm in the mid 60s this afternoon.

Todays Highs For March 53

Trends today will be dry. Clouds will come and go. Sunshine with partly cloudy skies for the rest of the morning. Expect cloud cover to increase as the day progresses.

Day Planner For March 5

Mostly cloudy skies are expected for this evening. Still dry tonight. Wind speeds will hover in the 5-10 mph range. Winds won’t be as gusty as yesterday.

Tonight Forecast For March 5

Western Washington has potential for wet weather today. Areas along their coastline may see some rainfall, as well as possible snow in higher elevations. We’ll stay dry and cloudy in our part of the region. Tomorrow, we’ll have our opportunity for wet weather.

Be prepared! Throw that umbrella in your bag or in your car. Might want to also start getting your rain jackets and boots ready if you’ve got plans outside for Friday and Saturday.

Forecast For 8pm March 5

Friday and Saturday are the only expected days with wet weather. Today is our warmest day in the next week. Tomorrow, we start cooling. Temperatures will get closer to average this weekend.

7 Day Forecast For March 5

Make it a great Thursday! -Nikki