Candidates In Final Push For Votes In Granite State

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama says something is “stirring in the air” on the eve of the New Hampshire primary. He drew big crowds to five rallies on Sunday.

And a new poll shows the winner of the Iowa caucus has a 13-point edge over Hillary Clinton ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire presidential primary.

Clinton, meanwhile, is accusing Obama of being behind a series of automated calls that said she’s been trashing his abortion rights record. Clinton also casts Obama, who has less than one term in Congress, as long on rhetoric but short on substance.

John Edwards, who came in second in Iowa, is closing out his New Hampshire campaign with an all-night bus tour.

On the Republican side, things are very tight. John McCain is running four points ahead of Mitt Romney in the newest poll, but that’s within the margin of error. They sparred over their records in a Fox News forum last night.

Iowa GOP caucus-winner Mike Huckabee is running a distant third in New Hampshire.