Bush To Return To Israel In Spring

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — President Bush is planning to return to Israel in May to continue to his push for Middle East peace and to help celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary.

Bush accepted an invitation extended by Israel’s leaders Friday as he departed Tel Aviv for Kuwait.

The president summed up his talks this week with Israeli and Palestinian leaders by saying “there’s a good chance for peace.” During two days of meetings in Israel and the West Bank, Bush bluntly spelled out U.S. expectations, telling the Israelis and Palestinians they need to get serious talks started immediately.

Before departing for Kuwait, Bush did some sightseeing. He toured sites in northern Israel Friday where Jesus is said to have performed miracles. Asked how it felt to walk in Jesus’ footsteps, Bush replied, “Amazing experience.”

Bush is now in Kuwait where he is to meet with the country’s ruling sheik and get an update on the Iraq war from top U.S. military officials