Burglars Target Area Gyms

SPOKANE VALLEY – Sheriff detectives are hard at work to crack a string of local gym burglaries with at least 15 people being hit at various gyms across the area.

At one Oz Fitness center in Spokane Valley patrons have been hit five times, with thieves getting into unlocked lockers and stealing keys that have beepers on them that allow them to press the unlock button once they go out to the parking lot. They go straight to the car that unlocks and lights up and once inside the thieves take all kinds of valuables including checks and wallets.

The burglars that struck the Spokane Valley Oz Fitness told gym employees they forgot something and needed to run back into the locker room and grab it. Once inside they targeted lockers that weren’t locked or had flimsy locks. 

Oz Fitness manager Kate Bixby warns that people need to heed warnings inside each of their lockers to secure their personal belongings with a sturdy heavy duty lock.

“Lock everything up, keys, license, anything of value you need to lock up,” Bixby said.

At least 10 similar thefts have occurred at other Oz Fitness locations, Global Fitness, Gold’s Gym and the Spokane Club in the Valley in recent weeks.

If you have any information on these burglaries you’re asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.