Build an outdoor ice rink in your backyard

Build an outdoor ice rink in your backyard

Ice skating is a great cardio workout in the winter months. Enjoy ice skating at home with tips on how to build an outdoor ice rink in your yard.

1. Measure out a space. Decide if you want a circular or rectangular ice rink in your yard and measure out a clear space.

2. Create temporary stakes. Put temporary wooden stakes in the corners of the rink. Attach strings to each stake that should be at least 10 inches off the ground.

3. Lay out wooden planks. Around the perimeter of string, lay down wooden planks.

4. Support, attach planks. Drive in additional stakes to support the planks, and attach the planks to each other and the stakes with long deck screws.

5. Check for gaps. If there are any gaps between the planks make sure to fill them in.

6. Add pea gravel. Fill about half of the rink with pea gravel. Level the gravel so it’s smooth and even.

7. Cover space with plastic. Over the gravel, measure a large piece of plastic and fit it to the size of the rink. The plastic should cover all of the gravel and go over the sides of the planks. Make sure not to rip the plastic, or it will not hold the water. Also try to avoid any wrinkles in the plastic.

8. Add water. Fill the entire rink with water and allow it to freeze.