Browne’s Addition Still Waiting For Plows

SPOKANE — Before you complain anymore about how long it’s taking snow plows to reach your street consider the plight of people living in Browne’s Addition who won’t see a plow until next week.

Browne’s Addition is a great place to live with its historic buildings and proximity to downtown but unfortunately this neighborhood is now the low man on the totem pole when it comes to plowing. Residents will spend the weekend digging out on their own as the streets are just too narrow or have so many cars parked on them that the city is saving this neighborhood for last.

“I guess it’s OK â??cause they gottta plan it out and go by a schedule,” James Gray said.

While it seems logical the city is taking its time to launch a coordinated attack on Browne’s Addition snow pack it doesn’t make the ruts and gullies any easier to deal with.

“It’s easy to understand that it’s going to take a while, but it’s kinda hard to get around, especially with moving. My car’s kinda stuck in the road over there,” Angie Florence said.

Relief from the snow will come on Tuesday when north-south streets will be plowed. That’s where everyone needs to park when the east-west streets are plowed on Wednesday.

There are just two ways to get your car towed in Browne’s Addition: You can not move it off the Bloomsday course come spring or you can block the road next Tuesday.