Browne’s Addition neighbors asking for earlier notice on street snow plowing

SPOKANE, Wash. — If you live in Browne’s Addition, you’ve probably noticed snow plows out clearing the roads.

Some people there say they would have liked more of a notice that the City’s plows would be out this weekend.

People living in Browne’s Addition will need to get creative about parking their cars in the area this weekend.

“That’s the problem — narrow streets, big plows,” Timothy Finneran, who lives in Browne’s Addition, says.

The City is working to plow the snowy streets of Spokane, and next on their list is Browne’s Addition.

The City says the area is one of the most challenging to plow due to already limited street parking and narrow roads. With these challenges, people living in the area say they wish they would have had more of a heads-up.

“This weekend, they’re plowing the North, South, East [and] West [streets], requesting cars to be moved off of the street, but we didn’t get [the] notice until last evening that this was going to happen,” Finneran said.

The City shared their plow plans for the area Friday evening, which neighbors say wasn’t enough time.

“I liked it the way it was before where we had ample notice,” Finneran said. “Everybody would move their cars because they knew if they didn’t they would be towed.”

The City says they put signs up in advance to let people know their plows will be working that day. They also say they work with the neighborhood council to get the word out about their plans to plow the streets.

On Saturday, the City plowed only the East and West streets, asking people living on those streets to move their cars. The City says they expect to wrap up around 4 p.m. each evening.

The work will continue Sunday with plows taking on the North and South streets. The City will start plowing those streets at 10 a.m. Sunday morning.

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