Brighten up your loved ones day with a daffodil delivery and support the American Cancer Society

Daffodils are synonymous with the start of spring. For the American Cancer Society, they are the symbol for hope for a cure.

For years as a fundraiser, daffodil deliveries were made at the start of the season. Sadly, in some areas it did not do as well and other efforts were made the focus. That wasn’t the case for Spokane. One local woman was determined to keep it going, and has continued to do so for the past 15 years.

Her name is Carol Ann Cochran and she, like so many, has seen her life affected by cancer. Cochran’s mother passed away from the disease and her father fought it. Currently, she is in her own battle against a rare form of lung cancer.

Cochran’s hope is that her grandchildren will never have to hear the words “you have cancer.”

For a few days this month, Cochran is taking time off work and dedicating all her energy to raising money for the American Cancer Society by delivering daffodils.

“We are going to get rid of cancer! One daffodil at a time. And I want everyone to celebrate with me!”

Cochran and her team of ‘happy helpers’ started deliveries Monday at Kaiser Permanente Riverfront where she works. Some staff members had placed advanced orders for themselves, while others placed orders for family and friends and even patients battling cancer. Those donations are called “Gifts of Hope.’ Carol Ann and her helpers have identified local treatment centers and arranged to have deliveries made to patients in the coming days.

Cochran is still taking “Daffodil Days” orders. You can reach out to Carol Ann by calling 509-844-7940.

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