Breaking down the documents that led investigators to accuse Rep. Matt Shea of domestic terrorism

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — Hundreds of documents behind the investigation into Spokane Valley Rep. Matt Shea were released to the public on Tuesday. 

It wasn’t long before Shea fired back, calling the report a political ‘hit job.’ 

The report concluded Shea planned and participated in domestic terrorism, and independent investigators hired by the Washington State House of Representatives call Shea a growing political threat. 

A good portion of information in the documents is so sensitive to state security, it had to be blacked out.

Shea insists he is a patriot who supports less tax and more freedom from the government. 

Findings in the investigative report show he encouraged and organized armed militias, including one in Oregon which occupied a wildlife refuge center. 

The documents also shine a light on Shea’s obsession with gathering intelligence. 

In an email he sent titled “Quietly Seizing Control of Spokane Government,” he includes information on liberal leaders in Spokane and asks the recipient to “add to our intelligence.” 

In another email, Shea talks about buying GPS tracking devices and testing them out. 

Shea also gathered sensitive information about law enforcement in Washington State, including the names of all members on the Washington State Patrol SWAT team, as well as notes about them. 

Other papers include blueprints of local police departments, and how law enforcement agencies gather intelligence. 

Shea responded to the release of documents on Tuesday, saying in part, “This list of exhibits raises more questions than it answers. In fact, many of the exhibits are merely biased left wing opinion pieces. To that end we are engaging an independent review of the investigator and the investigation.” 

The report has been sent to the FBI. So far, Shea has not been charged with any crime related to the investigation.