Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler have a lot more in common than you think

Brad Pitt and Adam Sandler both arrived in Hollywood in the late 1980s, but their careers quickly took different paths, with Pitt becoming an A-list heartthrob and Sandler turning into a comedy legend.

The two spoke with Variety about becoming actors, what their process is, and yes, who’s better looking.

According to the piece, when the actors discovered they’ve both worked with cinematographer Darius Khondji, Sandler told Pitt: “He couldn’t help himself. He kept saying, ‘Something about your face is better than Brad’s.’ I have better eyes or something!”

Speaking of his face, Pitt revealed to Sandler that most attempts to disguise himself have failed.

“I put on a dinosaur mask, and I got recognized in New York City. I don’t know what it is, especially when people grow up with you,” he said.

Sandler told his own story about fans approaching him.

“I was skiing one time, had the helmet on, the dickey was up, the goggles,” Sandler recalled. “I was like: ‘This is going to be a fun day. No one’s going to …’ Literally, it was 7 in the morning. ‘Hey, Adam Sandler!’ I go, ‘How did you know?’ He goes, ‘That big nose of yours.'”

Pitt mentioned a story he had heard about Sandler from his days as a student at NYU, calling it his “favorite Adam Sandler story.”

“It was that you were at NYU, and it was an acting coach, I believe,” Pitt said, with Sandler replying, “Acting professor.”

Pitt continued: “And he said to you, ‘I want to take you out for a beer.’ This is what I’m told. You guys went to a bar, and he kindly said to you: ‘Think about something else. You have to choose another path.’ Truth?”

“Exactly,” Sandler said.

“There’s a second part to this story,” Pitt continued. “This is why it’s my favorite Adam Sandler story, and I think it says a lot about you. That you ran into him at your height, when you’re getting the ultimate payday, and you’re with a bunch of friends, out at a bar. Anyone would think that’s the opportunity where you rub it in his face. And reportedly, what you did was you introduced him to your friends, and you said: ‘This is the only teacher to ever buy me a beer.’ True?”

“Yeah,” Sandler replied.

The two discussed how they reach a point of honesty on camera, with Pitt saying he knows when he’s pulling it off for the camera and Sandler discussing acting in a serious role, like in his upcoming “Uncut Gems.”

“This was probably the most free I could ever be in a movie,” Sandler said.

The comedian told Pitt he watched “Ad Astra” at home in his screening room, because he wanted to be alone for the experience.

“I love being alone with it, because I was digging the sound design. I was digging the shots, and the quiet stuff on the moon. It rocked me hard,” he said, to which Pitt replied, “Got you –“

“Not hard! Not hard! Rocked me,” Sandler laughed.

Pitt replied, “OK. I just want to be clear.”