Boulder Mountain Fire estimated 3,000 acres

CUSICK, Wash. — A fire in Pend Oreille County has grown exponentially since sparking up Wednesday night. Crews have been unable to get a concrete number, but estimate it to be around 3,000 acres in size.

The fire began around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday after multiple storms swept through the area. Flames are burning several miles northwest of Cusick.

One of the bigger obstacles facing fire crews is accessing the fire.

“I mean, it’s basically up at the top of a mountain,” Malone said. “Logging roads, they’re doing some logging in the area so that’s giving us some access. But it’s pretty limited access at this point.”

Their biggest goal on Thursday is to asses how they can get crews to the flames, instead of relying solely on air support.

Malone says the best way the public can assist with this fire is by steering clear of the Boulder Mountain area.

“I think the biggest thing key is to stay out of the area. If you are going to come camping in the area you’re really going to need to look at the info that’s out there to see if the campground that you’re going to is open. So just give the firefighters some space and be safe.”

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