Bone-chilling temps don’t scare Spokane Valley trick-or-treaters

Neighborhoods across the Inland Northwest were filled with tricks and treats on Thursday, as parents and kids braved below freezing temperatures to cash in on the candy.

There’s only one day a year you can walk up to someone’s door at night and demand free candy.

Temperatures were bone-chilling, but that didn’t stop trick-or-treaters in one Spokane Valley neighborhood.

The bone chilling temps did not stop trick-or-treaters in Spokane Valley. After all, there’s only one day a year you can walk up to someone’s house and demand free candy. One place even had a pit stop for parents. More at 11 on #4NewsNow Nightside.

— Kyle Simchuk (@KyleKXLY) November 1, 2019

Some homes offered more than candy. In fact, Rick Thomas and his wife had their own parent pit stop.

“The adults, they’re out here having a good time. It’s all about making the kids have fun or letting the kids have fun but also give the adults a little break or have a snack or drink and just warm up to the community,” said Thomas.

“Crackers here and stuff and then I have some drinks. Sparkling ciders, and red and white wine, and so forth.”

By 8 p.m., buckets and pillow cases were filling up and the sugar rush was kicking in.

It’s estimated that Americans spent more than $2 billion on candy this year- or about 600 million pounds.