Boeing Insists Tanker Proposal Better Value

CHICAGO (AP) — Boeing believes its proposal for an air tanker is less expensive, less risky and better than the European bid selected by the Air Force.

The head of Boeing’s military contracting business, Jim Albaugh, says the company will press its case Friday at a debriefing with Air Force officials.

He says Boeing will protest the decision only if it suspects an “irregularity.”

In speaking to defense analysts on Wednesday, Albaugh said Boeing was surprised to lose the contract for the refueling planes based on the Boeing 767.

Air Force secretary Michael Wynne told a congressional committee on Wednesday that the Airbus-Northrup Grumman plane will be less expensive and less risky than Boeing’s 767 refueling plane.

The Air Force selected an Airbus-Northrop Grumman venture for the $35 billion order for 179 planes.