Bob Saget cheers up Spokane woman with rare disease

Bob Saget cheers up Spokane woman with rare disease
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Cat Davis and Bob Saget

A Spokane woman with a rare and fatal disease has many wishes – one of them is to meet comedian Bob Saget, who she says helped save her life.

The Spokane community has rallied behind Cat Davis and her Cure for Cat campaign, raising thousands of dollars for her to get a life-saving stem cell transplant for her auto immune disease.

In February, she relapsed. She’s hoping she gets approved for a stem cell transplant from her brother in the near future.

“She was my surprise baby and I had four boys and a wonderful little girl,” said Cat’s mother, Sally Davis.

Since the age of 22, Cat has been battling a rare disease called scleroderma.

“I’m going downhill fast,” said Cat. “It’s really hard. It has taken away my whole life… I describe to people being in straight jacket 24/7.”

The disease affects every part of Cat’s body, hardening her skin and internal organs. There is no cure.

“I pray all the time for her to be healed and I don’t mean healed in heaven. I mean healed on Earth,” said Sally.

Cat says a movie called For Hope featuring Bob Saget is why she is still smiling today. The movie tells the story of Saget’s sister who died from the same disease.

“For me personally, he is a huge reason why I started fighting for myself,” said Cat.

“Truly, I think [Saget] saved her life,” said Sally.

Cat had always hoped she’d get a chance to thank the man most of America knows as TV dad “Danny Tanner” from Full House.

“It’s on my bucket list seriously to just thank him,” said Cat.

Luckily for Cat, Saget was in town on Friday, finishing up a stand-up comedy tour.

“I’ve never been to Spokane,” said Saget. “I call it ‘Spo-cane’ and people really don’t like that.”

Saget says his sister and her battle are never far from his mind.

“I’m driven to put scleroderma out of business, because my sister died from it and its a horrible killer,” said Saget.

“My stand-up is silly and it’s mixed with stuff now about life, how you can survive hardship through humor.”

Saget has raised millions of dollars for the Scleroderma Research Foundation through his comedy.

Friday, he met one of the young women who’s life he touched through that effort.

“Bless you for everything you do,” Cat said while hugging her hero.

Cat made sure to grab a selfie with Saget to fuel the next stage in her fight for survival.

Bob Saget cheers up Spokane woman with rare disease

“I love that he turns death into comedy,” said Cat. “I think it’s absolutely beautiful and great for me. I turn my ailment, I have had a really hard life and I make it into something positive and that’s what he does. It’s inspiring, it’s special.”

After Cat met Saget, she had to get a round of chemotherapy, but Friday night she will be able to skip ahead of the line and have a front row seat at Saget’s show at the Spokane Comedy Club.

Cat is starting a Cure for Cat campaign in February.