Boating Safety Tips For The Warm Weekend Ahead

COEUR D’ ALENE — Kootenai County Sheriff’s Deputies are offering advice for boaters this coming weekend as temperatures are expected in the low to mid 80’s.

Officials say it is  important for boaters to realize a typical three-blade propeller running can inflict 160 impacts in one second.

Deputies say the number of boats on U.S. water has increased by over 2 million since the late 1980s.

Coast Guard 2006 statistics show the number of boating deaths increased for second straight year in a row.

The Coast Guard says the number one cause of accidents comes from boaters not paying attention while operating the boat.  

The Leading cause of death is alcohol use and operator errors account for 70-percent of boating accidents.

Kootenai County Sheriff Deputies would like to remind boaters to make sure all passengers wear life vests, and remain seated while the boat is moving.