Bo Kirk’s sister reacts to Justin Booth sentencing

Bo Kirk’s sister reacts to Justin Booth sentencing

The case is closed, but Claudia Jackson doesn’t believe justice has been served. Her brother Bo Kirk was murdered in 2016 and one of the men who had a hand in his death was sentenced Tuesday. She doesn’t believe his punishment is enough.

Justin Booth and his accomplice David Hutto, both pleaded guilty in Kirk’s murder. A judge sentenced Booth to 30 years in prison, eligible for parole, Tuesday. Jackson asked that Booth be sentenced to life in prison without parole.

“I was shocked,” Jackson said. “In my opinion, he might not have pulled the trigger but he’s just as guilty as the other guy.”

Jackson told KXLY4 the defense asked the judge for 10 to 15 years in prison.

“I think I’m still shocked about it, but at least he gave him more than what the defense was asking for,” Jackson said.

The sentencing marks the end of an emotional trial for Kirk’s family.

“Every time something came up — a hearing, a meeting, whatever — it was always brought right back up again,” Jackson said. “You don’t get to grieve the way somebody else in a different situation would be able to grieve.”

Jackson said while she was reading her impact statement, she told the judge their own mother doesn’t even know about Bo’s death. She said their mom lives in Mexico and her health is a concern — she worries about risking her mom’s health if she told her what happened to Bo.

“She doesn’t know that my brother is not here anymore. She does not know my brother was murdered,” Jackson said. “So that impact for me, is I can’t go see her without her asking how my brother is, and I can’t lie to her.”

Jackson said this is a tragedy that could happen to anyone.

“It wasn’t road rage. My brother didn’t do anything wrong. It was completely random and unfortunately, it was my brother,” Jackson said. “But it could’ve been anybody.”

With the trial behind her, Jackson is ready to move forward — and grieve the loss of her little brother.

“I’m not one of those that would just bury my head under the covers and not come out, and if I was, I know my brother would not be very happy about it,” Jackson said.

Kirk leaves behind his wife, their three children and two grandkids. Jackson told KXLY Kirk didn’t get to meet his grandchildren.

Jackson started a scholarship in Kirk’s name and will host a golf tournament to raise money for the fund in Priest River on Sept. 8.