‘Big in the community’: Mail distributing centers prepare for holiday rush

SPOKANE, Wash. —  Thousands of pieces of mail are being sorted during the holidays, as it’s one of the busiest times of the year for mail processing and distribution centers.

Postal workers are sifting through many packages, making sure they end up where they need to go.

“This last Monday night was a big, outgoing night. Our equipment handled it no problem,” said Earl Eisenrich, plant manager at the Spokane Processing & Distribution Center.

Eisenrich says the amount of packages they get will start to pick up very soon.

“Our biggest days are yet to come. I call them the three big Mondays left to go, anyway, we’re ready for the volume,” Eisenrich said.

Workers are loading shipments onto a machine, which will sort them to the exact state they need to go.

Whether it’s going to Boise or Missoula, the automatic delivery unit system, or ADUS, is key to making processing mail in Spokane faster.

“It gets us to about 200,000 parcels per day mechanically. So, that’s big in the community. We used to have to work that volume over manual belts, and now we can do that mechanized,” Eisenrich said.

It was installed in August of 2021 and runs 23 hours a day. Eisenrich says it’s exactly what they need this holiday season.

“It definitely saves work hours, but it won’t affect the number of employees in the facility. It’s just going to allow us to keep up with the volume,” Eisenrich said.

USPS is also looking to hire more employees this holiday season. To apply, click here.

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