Barbershop quarter shares the love on Valentine’s Day

Barbershop quarter shares the love on Valentine’s Day

One local woman is certainly feeling the love this Valentine’s Day after her husband sent her a very special gift.

Early Thursday morning found Gary Bumgarner and his crew start their busiest day of the year.

“It’s just an unbelievable feeling for us because we love the singing so much that that in itself is a treat for us,” he said.

It’s a unique gift idea and extremely popular: Sending a singing telegram by barbershop quartet.

Barbershop quartet

“We have seven quartets working at this, 93 sing outs to do. We are sold out, we can’t take anymore,” he said.

Which is good news, as they rely on this day of love to raise money for their non-profit quartet group, but the cash isn’t the only reason they’re here.

“To be able to see the response we get from the people into know that they are getting this from their loved ones it’s just terrific,” Bumgarner said.

“I was out in the kitchen they said you didn’t want to take your blue bonnet off and I just had a funny feeling uh oh,” Sacred Heart employee Nancy Zietlow said.

To say the least Zietlow was surprised and moved when she realized the thought her husband put into this. It was certainly not your standby ‘pink card and chocolates’ gift.

“It was really cool; I love music, I love barbershop quartets, I seen this done before to other people so it’s a little embarrassing just to be caught on the spot like that but it’s cool. I think it’s really sweet,” she said.

“If you were on the receiving end of this and it’s a surprise your heart just goes high,” Bumgarner said.