Bad weather no match for flower delivery driver on Valentine’s Day

Employees at Peters and Sons had 200 deliveries when they arrived Wednesday morning; as far east as the Idaho state line and north to Mead. Luckily, though they have 25 years of experience under their belt.

To assemble thousands of roses for beautiful bouquets and then deliver them in nasty weather, you have to love what you do. For the flower shop owner, Susan Matteson, it’s those little cards that keep her going.

“One guy said his wife was his miracle and you know, you just don’t hear things like that every day,” said Matteson.

Delivery driver Chris Dalke says he just can’t get enough of customer’s reactions.

“I like bringing people happiness,” said Dalke. “That’s probably the best part of it. Just going around, you see nothing but smiles every time you go somewhere.”

They strive to make the holiday perfect for their customers but weather ultimately runs the show.

“Valentine’s Day is synonymous with bad weather,” said Matteson.

Snow, ice and low temperatures throughout out the years has taught them to adapt, plan ahead and also accept that everyone might not get their delivery when they want it.

“We are a flower shop, we deal with emotions, we make people happy. We have to do it in the right way,” said Matteson. “And if I put my drivers in jeopardy so they are stressed then when they are delivering the flower bouquet, then the person who is receiving the bouquet senses stress.

Susan says loyal customers of the 100-year-old company get it. And for Chris, it makes those reactions even more priceless.

“I got probably 17 times already today, ‘oh I’m so glad you came, i didn’t think you’d deliver today in the snow,'” Dalke said.