Baby Diagnosed With Tumor Fighting For His Life

SPOKANE — Luke is like any other nine-month-old boy. He’s happy, active and incredibly curious. The one difference is that Luke has been fighting for his life since the moment he was born.

Little Luke Mann was born with a tumor which is continuing to grow and continuing to make life difficult. His mom Shannon is a social worker who helps other people’s children but now she’s looking for help from the community to take care of her own.

Shannon says the tumor blocks Luke’s airway, pushes up against main arteries and she says doctors here are unwilling to treat it.

“All of the nerves and arteries that are in the way …no one wants to touch it,” Shannon said.

As the tumor continued to grow Shannon frantically searched the nation for a doctor and finally one in New York agreed to perform the risky surgery.

“He said we can take this out with perfect success or we can kill him. And we said oh, we said thank you for that,” she said.

Shannon believes it’s worth the risk and the huge price tag, as well.  Insurance covers just 80 percent of the medical bills and their stay in New York will run another $4,000. While she hates to ask for financial help, Shannon says she could use it while little Luke, who’s already sporting an ‘I love NY’ shirt, could use a giant miracle.

“Just to have a life he deserves and not worry about a tumor in a baby,” Shannon said.

If community members can help out, Shannon’s co-workers are holding a benefit potluck lunch Wednesday morning beginning at 11:45 at Partners with Families and Children located at 613 S. Washington. Donations can be made to an account set up for Luke at local branches of US Bank.

The family plans to leave for New York this Sunday and Luke’s surgery will be performed a week from Thursday.