Azar’s family celebrates 39 years of unique and delicious food at Pig Out in the Park

Azar’s family celebrates 39 years of unique and delicious food at Pig Out in the Park

If you still need plans for your Labor day weekend, Pig Out in the Park is the place to be in Riverfront Park.

This year they’ve got everything from an oyster bar to huckleberry elephant ears, deep fried pizza and good old fashioned kettle corn. From the attractions to the food vendors, it’s a family-friendly festival in every way, just ask Karim Azar.

“It’s like a family reunion.”

The patriarch of the Azar family, Karim, has bringing authentic Greek food to the crowds at Pig Out from his booth Azar’s Gyros since the beginning, 39 years ago, and there are two reasons he keeps coming back.

“Food! When I come here I gain at least 5 pounds,” said Karim.

The food and his family. Son Joey is stationed right next to him, at Azar’s Deep Fried Haven and Unique Buns, Burgers and Fry Shack, serving up fried food concoctions until now you’ve only dreamed of.

“It’s all about being unique, different giving people something they can’t get in their every day lives.”

Unique is an understatement. Fried Philly Cheese Steaks, pizza and lasagna. Recently he added a burger bar to the menu.

Showing his Krispy Kreme doughnut burger he shared, “you have a full doughnut on the bottom, you have a full doughnut on the top,”

The Azar’s block at Pig Out, doesn’t stop there. This year, cousin David and his girlfriend Hailey decided to join in on the fun with the booth Azar’s Exquisite Elotes.

“With the family experience in food, we found a food that we love whenever we travel and we said lets bring it to Spokane,” said Hailey Birdsall.

Right across from the ice ribbon they sit at the end of the Azar family block of booths serving up mexican street style corn.

“We do a super-sweet organic corn, on top of that we do mayonnaise, cheese and a little chile lime,” she added.

With the amount of family members who travel back to Spokane for the event they’ve loved their whole lives, they might have to create a special section just for them. After all, Karim’s daughter makes Chicago deep dish pizza.

Added Karim, “They come here, they say ‘dad it’s Pig Out time, we are coming here! They are married, they have kids and they still come here to help me.”