Avalanche advisories in place for the N. Idaho mountains

IPAC holds Avalanche preparedness classes

KOOTENAI CO. Idaho — The Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center issued avalanche advisories in the North Idaho Mountains on Tuesday morning.

Impacted areas include the Selkirk and Cabinet ranges, the Kootenai area, as well as the St. Regis Basin and Silver Valley.

A strong winter storm has been forecasted to bring heavy snow and wind to the Selkirks through Wednesday. Dangerous avalanche conditions have already been reported in the backcountry and travelers have been asked to avoid those areas. IPAC reported that strong winds with new snow will create an unstable snowpack on all aspects above the treeline.

High avalanche danger has also been forecasted for the Kootenai area. Heavy mountain snowfall and strong winds are expected to create conditions dangerous. People should expect dangerous conditions to remain elevated through the middle of the week. People were encouraged to avoid riding on or below any slopes steeper than 30 degrees during this time period.

Rapid loading with new snow and wind slabs over buried weak layers have also created high avalanche danger in the St. Regis Basin and Silver Valley. Travel in avalanche terrain is discouraged.

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