Authorities hope new technology will lead them to killer in Lewiston cold case

LEWISTON, Idaho — New technology is giving law enforcement hope they can solve a 40-year-old cold case out of Lewiston.

40 years ago, Kristin David was kidnapped and murdered while biking from Moscow to Lewiston. She was last seen on Highway 95 outside of Genesee. Police say witnesses saw her be approached by a man in a brown van.

Eight days later on July 4, her remains were found in the Snake River, west of Clarkston. They were in black plastic bags and some of the body parts were wrapped in local newspaper.

David’s bicycle, clothing and other personal things were never found.

Those who knew David said she had a bright future ahead of her. She was 22 when she was killed, was a student at the University of Idaho and double majoring in broadcast journalism and political science.

To Anne David Mackey, she was “Kris,” her younger sister who had a beautiful soul.

“I miss though the calls and relationship I would have been able to share with Kris about my children my achievements, my wishes,” she said, emotional.

On the anniversary of her disappearance, the FBI announced they are still committed to bringing justice to the case and believe that new efforts will help them identify the person responsible.

“Based on the totality of information known to law enforcement at this time, it is possible the man who killed Kristin is a repeat offender who carried out or attempted violence crimes against other female victims,” said Capt. Jeff Klone, with the Lewiston Police Department.

During a news conference Friday, authorities said evidence items found on and near David’s body are being reviewed and retested. Nearly four decades-worth of documents and reports have also been reorganized and digitized.

“At this time, Kristin’s murder is not a cold case. It’s not going away, and we are dedicated more than ever to solving it,” said Special Agent Zach Schoffstall, with the FBI.

At the time of her death, witnesses described a possible suspect. Though that person has never been identified, police believe he might be responsible for other violent crimes.

The suspect has been described as a white man, around 5’10” tall with reddish hair and a beard. He had a stocky build and was believed to be in his 30s at the time of the murder.

Authorities believe the suspect drove a well-kept brown van with yellow license plates, but are not sure if he owned the van or if the plates properly corresponded to it. The van may have had a sliding side door on the passenger side, two swing-out rear doors, each with a window, and the van may have been somewhat customized.

As law enforcement recommits to solving the case, they ask that the public cooperate and come forward with any information that may lead them to the person responsible. Authorities say no information is too little or insignificant.

They are also asking those who already came forward with information in the past to give them information again, hoping to make sure they still have all that documented.

Anne asks anyone who knew anything to not hesitate and to come forward with information.

“Kris would be thankful. She deserves this and my parents deserve this, and above all our family would like answers,” Anne said.

Anyone with information can visit or call (800) CALL-FBI.

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