Author: Nikki Torres

The road to rebuilding Malden; what comes next

The smoke has settled. Now, it's time to rebuild. More than two weeks have passed since a wildfire burned about 100 homes in Malden, and the people who live there are working on a plan to put their town back together.

A calm Friday, before a gusty Saturday -Nikki

Good morning! The rest of your Friday will be sunny and hot. Temperatures this afternoon stay well above average. If you liked the weather over the past few days, you'll enjoy today. 

Hot and haze for your Monday forecast -Nikki

Happy Monday, and welcome to your work week! It is August 24. Temperatures will hover under 90 degrees today in Spokane. We will be hot throughout the region and mostly dry. Conditions will be gusty, however.

Cruising into a weekend of 80s in the forecast -Nikki

More sunshine to come this afternoon. We're waiting on some of that cloud cover to burn off during this last part of the morning. Happy Friday, by the way! We've made it to the end of the work week. The weekend is looking pleasant.