Author: Joel Kathrens

Morning Weather Forecast for December 20, 2019

Our area is done with snow, for the most part. Mountains can still expect some snowfall for today. All throughout the state of Washington we can expect rainfall. Some areas in western Washington are keeping an eye on some rivers for flood risk.

Snow snow snow all morning long

Prepare for a snowy start to the day on Thursday!1" - 3" of snow across the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene area is expected, with a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in effect from 1:00 a.m. - noon on Thursday.  

Morning snow with rain showers later

Snow began falling around the region around 11:00 p.m. Tuesday and continued well into the early morning hours. Two inches had accumulated at the Spokane Airport as of 4:00 a.m. 

Freezing fog causing frosty windows

Give yourself an extra few minutes for your morning commute. If you parked in the driveway last night, you'll notice some frost on the windows. Break out the de-icer and scraper.

Morning Forecast for December 5

It will be a foggy December morning across the Inland Northwest, which could decrease your visibility on your way to work. 

Morning chances of snow showers

Morning chances of snow showers then some mid morning rain possible.Some slippery sections of roadway so be careful in the out lying areas.

Morning Forecast for November 22

Morning fog some freezing to bridge decks and roads then Sunshine. Clouds move in for Saturday and Sunday with Mountain snow possible.

Morning forecast for November 14

Happy Thursday! You're waking up to another chilly, foggy morning in the Inland Northwest. The patchy fog will stick around for this morning's commute, so be cautious on your way to work. And make sure your lights…

Sunny and cold today with some clouds

We're expecting more sunny skies Wednesday with a high temperature of about 37 degrees. That's still much below average but slightly warmer than Tuesday.

Sun and clouds with gusty southwest winds

Sun and clouds with Gusty SW winds 15-25 with gusting to 45 mph. Cloudy and cool tonight with SUnshine back on Sunday and next week. Daytime temps cool and overnight lows cold.

Sunny and mild with sunshine tomorrow

If you're dreading winter temperatures, enjoy these next few days! It will be sunny and mild again Thursday with a high of  55 degrees, which is just about average for this time of year.

Morning forecast for October 22

Expect a cloudy start with sunshine and breezy conditions later in the day. Wind gusts could reach 25 mph Tuesday afternoon. 

Sunny and cool weekend ahead

Sunny and cool today with a little warmer weather moving in Saturday. Clouds and isolated showers Sunday and then dry again Monday. Enjoy the sunshine.

Aftermath of heavy snow and strong winds

Please drive carefully - you need extra time this morning. We have icy roads, snow still coming down in some parts of the region and even branches and downed trees on your morning commute.A winter weather advisory still active in the forecast until late this morning.

Clouds, foggy then showers with wind later

Allow extra time on your morning commute. Fog has made its way into the region and will be sticking around for the morning drive. Friday will bring more cloudy weather, the showers with winds later in the…

Morning forecast for September 25

Wednesday will be a sunny day with a normal high temperature of 68. Winds will kick up again tonight with an overnight low of 50 degrees. Thursday, we're still expecting mild temperatures in the mid to high 60s with some cloud cover.

Morning forecast for September 24

Spokane will see a breezy afternoon with high temperatures around 70 degrees. Then, much cooler weather will move in later this week and bring a potential for higher elevation snow. 

Morning forecast for September 19

Fog to start with a partly cloudy afternoon. then warmer and drier Friday and Saturday. Highs upper 60's Sunday more rain showers and cooler 65. Warming next week into low 70's.

Morning forecast for September 18

If you're not a fan of this chillier weather, we have some bad news. Temperatures will be running almost 15 degrees below average Wednesday.

Morning forecast for September 17

The summer weather really is gone! You can expect more showers Tuesday afternoon and through Wednesday, with high temperatures staying in the low-60s.After that, it will dry out but remain cool for the rest of the week. 

Morning forecast for September 16

Good morning and happy Monday. We are starting this work week off with cooler temperatures and wet weather. Spokane's high today: 60 degrees. Spokane's low today: 44 degrees.

Morning forecast for September 11

Warmer and more sun - that's our forecast on this Wednesday. 72 degrees for the daytime high and we will hold on to those 70s for the next few days.Patchy fog this morning, but that should kick out by this afternoon. Partly cloudy today with a very slight chance for some showers later today.

Morning forecast for September 10

Today's high: 68 degrees. Tonight's low: 47 degrees. Wet weather expected this afternoon and this evening. Potential for thunderstorms and rain showers.