Attorney asks for new trial in Washington shooting case

The attorney for a Washington man found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend and a toddler has asked for a new trial, alleging juror misconduct.

The Kitsap Sun reports that Geraldo DeJesus was convicted of murder for the March 2015 deaths of Heather Kelso and her roommate’s 2-year-old son, Kaden Lum. His sentencing was scheduled for Tuesday.

DeJesus’ attorney, Tom Weaver, says jurors violated the judge’s orders by conducting their own research on the definition of “premeditation.”

Prosecutors had argued that DeJesus was a jealous ex-boyfriend who went on a rampage, while DeJesus’ attorneys said investigators were too quick to identify their client as a suspect and failed to investigate other people.

Premeditated murder comes with an automatic life sentence, but the hearing allows defendants, families, victims and the judge to speak.