Athlete Overcomes Brain Tumor To Play At State

SPOKANE — To say Devin Carroll has been through a lot the last year would be a huge understatement. Recently Carroll has undergone three brain surgeries for a brain tumor, but on Wednesday he took the court for Napavine in the state tournament.

“It feels amazing,” said Carroll.

Against all odds, Napavine senior Devin Carroll started Wednesday night’s game.

“It’s awesome, I’m not supposed to be walking or talking or have movement in my arms and legs,” he said.

Just last year, doctors discovered a grape-sized tumor in Devin’s brain. His chances of playing basketball or even walking again were only ten percent.

“I was really scared in the summer, I didn’t think I was going to play basketball,” he said. “I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Devin’s parents, Kim and Mike, watched their son go through one surgery after another.

“He had another emergency brain surgery that night, and a Staph infection from his first surgery,” said Kim.

To them watching their son take the floor, even hearing his name announced by the public address announcer is nothing short of a miracle.

“Three major brain surgeries since April and he’s starting on the team,” said Mike.

By his performance on Wednesday, you’d never guess Devin had even been sick. Only the Napavine faithful and his teammates know the road Devin’s been down.

“I’m really proud of him,” said Devin’s friend Connor Craft.

Even 350 miles from home, Devin has a huge section of proud supporters, some who have been rooting for Devin long before the state 2B basketball tournament.

“Everything is built up to this,” said Kim.

Devin credits family, friends and faith for taking him to where he is today .

“God helped me through it and here I am at state,” said Devin.

Napavine defeated Seattle Lutheran on Wednesday evening, Devin Carroll scored eight points.