Assault suspect on the loose in Okanogan County

Suspect on the loose
Courtesy: Okanogan County Sheriff's Office

OMAK, Wash.— The Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office is looking for a woman accused of assaulting another woman in Omak.

Deputies responded to a call just past midnight on Wednesday, where they found a woman beating on the back door of the home. She was described as injured and bloody.

When the deputy arrived, they were able to locate 33-year-old Sabrina Oldham from Okanogan. Oldham reported that she was assaulted at 95 Old Riverside Highway by 24-year-old Morningstar St. Peter.

Oldham said the assault happened after she accused St. Peter of being a “snitch,” claiming she was sitting in a truck when St. Peter approached her and started assaulting her.

OCSO says St. Peter stole Oldham’s phone and purse during the assault.

Oldham said there were multiple people around who did not help her during the assault. She eventually was able to escape and go to a nearby home for help.

Oldham was taken to the Mid Valley Hospital. Probable cause was developed for St. Peter’s arrest on charges of first-degree robbery and second-degree assault.

Anyone with information on the case or the whereabouts of St. Peter is asked to contact the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office communication (509)422-7232 opt #4.