As Beggs takes on new role as president, Spokane City Council seeks to fill district 2 spot

Breean Beggs will soon take over his position as Spokane’s City Council President, allowing his current role as a council representative of district two to open.

On Thursday, the City of Spokane officially opened the position to applicants. The position will be selected by current members of the council and will not go to a public vote.

That is because Beggs’ current term will not be complete until 2021. At that time, the role will reopen and the public will vote on their councilmember.

“What we’re looking for is diverse experience that they can bring a new perspective to the council that’s not there,” Beggs said.

Beggs was picked to fill a vacancy on the council in 2016 when former Councilman Jon Snyder resigned to take a role with the state government. Beggs was re-elected by a public vote to the same position in 2018.

Beggs currently serves the district alongside Councilwoman Lori Kinnear, who was just re-elected to her current role in November.

Applicants for the position must live in City Council District 2, which covers the majority of downtown Spokane, the East Central neighborhood, the entirety of the South Hill and spans out to the outlying neighborhoods near the Spokane Airport. All applicants must also have lived in the district since January 13, 2019.

Applications are due December 31, no later than noon.

On January 13, the council intends to conduct interview with four to six applicants. All interviews will be conducted by the entire council during a publicly noticed meeting and will be open to the public.

Beggs said speeding is the number one thing residents reached out to him about.

He said people are always concerned with how fast drivers are going around parks and schools.

The council will then hold an executive session and vote to fill the vacancy.

It is a paid position. In 2019, council members made about $46,000.

For more information on how to apply for the role, click here.

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Editor’s note: The application deadline was mistakenly listed as December 13, and has been changed to the correct date of the 31st.