App informs firefighters of your home, family members in event of emergency

Spokane Fire Department

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Fire Department (SFD) is working to refine Community Connect, an application designed to inform firefighters about your home and family in case of an emergency.

Community Connect requires residents to make a free account, then list information they are comfortable with sharing: how many people live in your home, where the electricity shutoff is located, if you have any pets or livestock, where the bedrooms are located or if you have a family member with disabilities. This information can help firefighters determine if they need to rescue anyone or provide accommodations in the event of an emergency.

“In fire and medical emergencies every second counts” said Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer. “Community Connect gives our residents the power to keep us informed, by providing the individualized details they deem important. From COVID-19 history, access and functional needs considerations, or primary languages spoken in the home, to where water, power and gas shutoffs are located. People can share the information that is important to them. As little or as much as they want.”

This resource was rolled out in Spokane in May, and now the Fire Department is working with technology partner First Due to further refine the service.

Community Connect was made possibly through a grant from Phillips 66.

For more information, including registration, check the Spokane Community Connect website here.