Another sexually violent predator released to Spokane; SPD not notified until months later

Another sexually violent predator released to Spokane; SPD not notified until months later
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One day after a sex offender was released from McNeil Island and moved to Spokane, 4 News Now has learned of another recent McNeil Island release, who is living at the same home and is under strict state supervision.

Travis Carl Fields is still classified as a sexually violent predator. He was released from McNeil Island in August under what the state calls a “less restrictive alternative” or LRA.

Fields has a sexually violent past with victims ranging in age from four to 15 years old. He’s living in the 1200 block of North Lincoln, right across from the Spokane Arena. It has become a sanctioned facility for the state to release these offenders under LRA.

When the first LRA was released to Spokane, the state held meetings with local law enforcement and stakeholders to inform the community, especially because of the supervision level.

While he’s been at the Lincoln House for two months, Spokane Police they never received confirmation that he had been released and was living in the city limits. SPD was informed earlier this summer, but never received confirmation of the release and didn’t know Fields was there until 4 News Now called to ask about it. He did show up on the county’s database, but no news release was issued.

Because of this incident, SPD is already working with Spokane County to streamline the information; SPD wants to be able to notify the community when these sexually violent predators are released here.

Past Crimes

Fields’ criminal history and treatment reports reveal details of why the state believed he should be classified as a sexually violent predator. According to court records, his first crime was in 1992 when he was charged with the attempted child molestation of a 7-year old girl. In 2001, he was convicted of raping a 15-year old girl. He also has charges of molesting and raping other children over the course of several years.

According to a treatment report, “Mr. Fields identified alcohol abuse, anger and contact with minor females” as part of his offense cycle.

It says that while in treatment, he was compliant but when he was in the community, “he did what he wanted.”

While at the Special Commitment Center, he worked and underwent treatment and tried to improve his behaviors.

In his most recent assessment by doctors there, Fields was diagnosed with pedophilic disorder, antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder and others. The analyst said he appears to have matured and become more stable in recent years and that he seems eager to develop relationships he can turn to for guidance.

He was deemed to be at “above average risk” to reoffend. His risk of reoffending goes up from 26% in five years to 37% in 10 years, according to that analysis.

In addition, “Mr Fields acknowledges that he has offended against girls and adolescent females, and states that some level of arousal and attraction will also be there for him… however he no longer adheres to the distorted reasoning that contributed to him acting out on those attractions.”

The Lincoln House

According to court documents, Fields began the process of conditional release earlier this year. He said he had a place to live – the Lincoln House in Spokane. The Department of Corrections was ordered to investigate whether this would be a good place for Fields, given the nature of his crimes and behavior.

DOC has investigated the Lincoln House before and has supervised several offenders under LRA at this location. The state also said it had identified a sex offender treatment provider in Spokane who has also contracted to work with other LRAs in Spokane.

The DOC’s investigation said there is video monitoring inside the Lincoln House and that there is an alarm on the door.

The conditions of his release require that Fields should not be out in the community alone for the first 90 days after his release. If he does leave, he has to get prior permission from his transition team and be “under the supervision of an ‘approved monitoring adult.'”

When he does go into the community, he must have a GPS device at all times, follow pre-approved routes, and check in with his community corrections officer when he leaves and when he returns. The Lincoln House must maintain a phone line for GPS monitoring and report any violations to DOC. He has a curfew between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am.

He can only have pre-approved visitors in his room at the Lincoln House, which is paid for by the state.
Fields can not apply for a job, volunteer or go to school without permission from his team. He also can’t contact the victims in his case. He’s also not allowed contact with anyone under 18 unless he gets written permission from the court and has another adult there to supervise him.

Fields is not allowed to hang out in or near establishments that cater to children, including schools, arcades, playgrounds, etc. He also can’t look at porn or TV and video games that depict sex and/or sexual violence. He can’t watch R-rated movies or play M-rated video games. He also can’t access the internet in any way and cannot use alcohol or drugs.

His court order explicitly states that he “shall not offer gifts, money, soda, candy, etc. to any individual without prior approval of his transition team.”
When he’s out in public, he must use a single occupant bathroom and can’t enter a multi-occupant restroom until someone can go in and make sure there are no kids inside.

If he violates the conditions, he will face a hearing and could be returned to the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island.

The state provides a monthly stipend of $450.00 for food, personal care and other “basic living essentials.” The state also pays for the chaperone and the first month of his cell phone.

The state also pays $1,500 a month for the small studio apartment.

Attached to the court documents allowing his release is a contract Fields signs with the Lincoln House. It says he’s agreeing to be part of the “Lincoln House clean and sober program.” He acknowledges that the Lincoln House has zero tolerance for violence, that firearms are not allowed, that drugs and alcohol are prohibited and that he will submit to random drug and alcohol testing. He also agrees that he may have to share a room based on seniority.

The contract also says that no visitors are allowed at any time for any reason and that he agrees to “practice good hygiene and dress appropriately” while there.

The DOC report shows that within a mile of the Lincoln House, there are multiple schools, bars, daycare centers and parks. It also cites proximity to the YMCA/YWCA and the Spokane Arena.

Also in its summary, DOC expresses concerns over the quality of the GPS information. It says the “GPS inclusion zone” for Fields would make it difficult to decipher exactly where Fields was. It says, “DOC cannot reliably or consistently tell if Mr. Fields is in his own home or in the neighboring houses/buildings.”

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Other sex offenders

4 News Now has reported extensively on the release of sex offenders from McNeil Island into the community.

In Washington, offenders deemed “sexually violent predators” are civilly committed to the Special Commitment Center on McNeil Island and can be housed there indefinitely. Each SVP has an opportunity to ask for an annual for review.

For many years, no offenders were released. But, in recent years the state has begun releasing SVPs back into the community. Some go to secure transition facilities, some are released on LRA, some are deemed not to fit the criteria anymore and are released unconditionally, though they still have to register as sex offenders.

As of Wednesday morning, 56 offenders were listed at LRAs in Washington. Six of them are in Spokane; all six of those men live at the Lincoln House.

You can search for sex offenders living in your neighborhood at this link.

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