Anonymous man pays adoption fees for hundreds of animals at SCRAPS Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — One local stranger’s random act of kindness is making the adoption process easier and quicker at the SCRAPS center, getting hundreds of animals one step closer to finding new homes.

Last Friday, a stranger walked into the animal shelter and paid the adoption fees of 237 animals.

“He sat me down and said, ‘hey listen, I can’t listen to these animals in the shelter anymore. I’m here to help,'” said James Hobbs Doyle, the operation manager at SCRAPS Spokane.

The adoption fees totaled nearly $4,000, and it came at a crucial time, too.

Doyle says the center has been struggling with more pets being brought in.

“Now that we’re seeing an economic downturn, and just families that can’t care for their animals anymore,” he said.

Adoption fees are normally under $20, but the generous man’s donation has helped expedite the adoption process, meaning you can pick your furry friend for free.

“It’s so great that it’s able to help the animals that are able to leave out, and it allows us to open up shelter space, so those animals that are lost, we can help facilitate and return to their homes,” Doyle said.

The more volunteers SCRAPS can get, the better it is for the shelter’s animals.

“There are a lot of things that they can do, and then they always gets snuggles too,” said Daniella Martin, foster coordinator at SCRAPS.

Pet food donations are also always welcome.

“Any help is lots of help, we are all here for common mission and common goal to help these animals out,” Doyle said.

Volunteers can help feed animals, socialize with them, and clean kennels. You can find out more about SCRAPS here.

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