Anonymous donor leaves final gold coin in Salvation Army’s red kettle

Anonymous donor leaves final gold coin in Salvation Army’s red kettle
Salvation Army of Spokane

With just two days remaining in the Salvation Army of Spokane’s Red Kettle campaign, a gold coin was dropped in by an anonymous donor on Monday.

It’s not the first time the Salvation Army says it’s received such a donation.

Each year for the past decade, the non-profit has found a gold coin in its red kettle around the holidays.

This year, however, it seems the tradition is winding to an end.

Included with the donation was a $100 bill and a letter.

In part, the letter read: “This will be the last coin I will be dropping off for you to help others. I have reached the end of the line and am not that far from answering my last alarm.”

The letter goes on to say how thankful this person was for the help they received from the Salvation Army in their time of need.

“It’s the same person, he always writes a little note,” said Maj. Ken Perine with the Salvation Army. “The funny thing is, he always says this is the last year, but then he’s around for the following year.”

This year’s donation was dropped off at the Fred Meyer in Wandermere.

Not long after, a buyer purchased the coin for $2,500.

Maj. Perine says that part has also become tradition. Each year, another donor buys the gold coin and other coins found in the kettle, always for more than what they’re worth.

“This is a wonderful Christmas gift that will help support our various services,” the Salvation Army said. “We thank the individual who donated this special coin.”