Amy Schumer says her wedding vows ‘sucked’

Amy Schumer is still on her honeymoon.

Being a new bride “feels f***ing good,” according to the comedic actress who dished about her young marriage on the “You Up With Nikki Glaser” podcast.

Schumer tied the knot with chef Chris Fischer in front of close friends and family in a private ceremony in Malibu, California earlier this month.

The nuptials shocked some fans as the comedic actress had only recently disclosed her relationship with Fischer, with whom she had been dating for a few months.

However, the brevity of their relationship before they hit the altar is something that Schumer counts as a plus.

“Part of the thing that’s good about us getting married so quickly was we’re so in love,” she said during the podcast. “Every girl I know, if they get proposed to, they’re like, ‘Oh, now? Now that I can’t have kids.'”

Schumer said she’s been happily overusing the word “wife” since becoming one.

She also said her vows “sucked” in comparison to Fischer’s carefully-crafted, heartfelt vows.

“I wrote mine in like 20 minutes,” Schumer recalled. “I was crying when I wrote them.”

She also joked about no longer being single and how that meant she will no longer receive the late-night “You up?” texts from suitors.

“I don’t ever think I’ll get a text like that again,” she said. “And that made me very happy, but also really sad.”