Amy Schumer explains how ‘I Feel Pretty’ led to love

Amy Schumer marries chef Chris Fischer
Amy Schumer/Instagram via CNN
Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

Amy Schumer met her husband at just the right time.

The comedienne married chef Chris Fischer in February, just a few months after they started dating. In a recent interview with CNN for her film “I Feel Pretty,” Schumer said that Fischer arrived in her life as the movie wrapped.

“It was a perfect time. I was feeling really great about myself. I met him when we were done filming. I felt really empowered and I loved myself,” Schumer said. “I was ready to love somebody. Now I’m doing press, and it’s really nice to have somebody in my corner supporting me.”

Self-confidence is also the theme of “I Feel Pretty.” Schumer said she hopes that women will see the film and walk away feeling more empowered to tackle life’s challenges, especially teens who can be subjected to bullying.

“I wish I could catch [girls] at that age right before somebody says the first mean thing to them,” Schumer said. “Right before the first bully comes up and says something where you go, ‘Don’t let them. Somebody is about to say something to you. Don’t let that person question who you are. You know who you are, you’re beautiful. Love yourself.’ We need that as adults, too.”

“I Feel Pretty” is in theaters now.