Alternative ‘Welcome to Idaho’ sign built after years of removing stickers

The Idaho Transportation Department has put up a new sign welcoming people across the border from Nevada, and another sign to divert all the stickers travelers used to put on it.

The Welcome to Idaho sign at the Idaho/Nevada border has accumulated dozens, if not hundreds, of stickers from around the world. Due to the easy parking nearby and appeal, the stickers have only increased over time, even after years of replacing the signs.

“These signs should be lasting 10-12 years, and having to replace them every 2-5 is a drain on our time and resources,” says D4 TTO Pete Veenstra. “I knew there was a better option out there.”

The D4 sign team would put up a new sign, remove stickers when possible and then eventually have to replace it a few years later.

Veenstra then came up with a different idea – put up a separate sign dedicated entirely to this brand of heartfelt vandalism. The sign is shaped like the state of Idaho, designed to catch the eye of passersby. They even primed it with some extra stickers of their own.

As for the Welcome to Idaho sign, it has once again been replaced with a brand-new, shiny one.

After two weeks, the sticker-sign was, sure enough, nearly covered in decals. The Welcome to Idaho sign right next to it… spotless!