Alleged Arsonist Gets His Day In Court

SPOKANE — The man accused of setting his parents house on fire and stealing their dog is due in court Monday.

Investigators say Joseph Reese’s parents had recently kicked him out of their home because of an ongoing drug problem and days later he called his parents and threatened to burn down their home.

The home is located in the 6400 block of south Chapman road, which is a fairly isolated location with few neighbors in rural Spokane County.

Early Saturday morning when Reece’s parents went out of town he tried to follow through on his threats.

A family friend was staying in the house and woke up to the sound of pots and pans. The man went to investigate where the sounds were coming from and saw Reece jumping from a window and a fire in the kitchen.

Police say Reece set several fires in the kitchen and one in a shed in the back yard. He also took the family dog.

The man is in Spokane County Jail and faces felony arson and burglary charges.