Alaska Airlines jet hits de-icing truck in Boston

Alaska Airlines jet hits de-icing truck in Boston

A plane heading to Portland, Oregon accidentally collided with a parked de-icing truck on the taxiway at Logan International Airport Monday afternoon before takeoff, the Massachusetts Port Authority said.

According to the Boston Globe and WCVB, no one was inside the truck and no one was injured.

Alaska Airlines said the 166 passengers on Flight 33 were returned to the boarding gate and placed on other flights.

The plane suffered minor damage to its left wing, according to The Associated Press.

Passengers told WCVB it felt like the plane ran over a speed bump. “A little bump turned into a big inconvenience,” said Rick Gencarelli from Portland.

Gencarelli said despite the inconvenience, the airline handled the mishap well. “The beer is really good here, so that’s an upside,” he said.

Alaska Airlines says it is investigating the cause of the crash.