After Five-Year Engagement, Celine Dion Takes A Final Bow At Caesars Palace

LAS VEGAS — Caesar will have to find a new queen.

Celine Dion called it a wrap at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last night after a five-year engagement.

During the farewell show, she disclosed that poor reviews and a pregnancy early on nearly sank the project. But she said it’s been worth it.

Adoring fans cheered, stood and clapped throughout the show, as Dion interspersed her usual numbers with emotion-filled monologues.

She said of the early going, “At one point, it was like feeling like the Titanic was about to sink again.”

While the Caesars Palace show was still in development in 2000, Dion became pregnant and wanted to bow out. She says she felt she had a life “for the first time” and wanted more to be a successful mother than a singer.

But her husband, who’s also her manager, told her that too much money and too many people were involved. So she pushed on, filling the 4,100-seat arena at Caesars nearly nightly for five years.

Between March 2003 and last night, Celine Dion’s show was seen by nearly three million fans and took in more than $400 million.