After controversial start, former Spokane deputy pulls out of sheriff’s race

SPOKANE, Wash. – Former Spokane County Sheriff Deputy Craig Chamberlin is pulling out of the race for sheriff.

I understand this is going to upset and surprise thousands of people,” Chamberlin posted on Facebook about withdrawing his name from the race.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich terminated Chamberlin in February after a three-and-a-half months-long investigation. That investigation stemmed from Chamberlin writing a character reference for a volleyball coach charged with possession of child pornography.

According to Knzeovich, per policy, Chamberlin was required to ask for permission to write a reference letter. When Chamberlin was asked about the letter and the investigation into the volleyball coach, Chamberline denied knowing about the investigation.

Knezovich previously claimed Chamberlin knew about the investigation into the coach before writing that letter and that Chamberlin lied to investigators. Because of that, Kneznovich fired him.

In his Facebook post on Thursday morning, Chamberlin said he trusted a man he’s known since high school and “got burned.”

I had no idea there was an investigation. I trusted you, I should have asked the one simple question of what was going on, I didn’t, and the rest is history based off subjective thinking and assumptions,” his Facebook post read.

Chamberlin was running against Undersheriff John Nowels, who remains in the race and has been endorsed by Knezovich.


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