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Advertising Works! The most aggressive and consistent advertisers are the most successful. Advertising can generate customers now, and in the future. A campaign that is vigorous and positive can bring consumers into the marketplace, regardless of the economy.

Why Television?
The Television Bureau of Advertising states, “The public’s perception of advertising in media is critical in the process of selling products and services. Television gets nearly half the votes for Most Authoritative and 74% for Most Exciting, driven by TV’s ability to deliver the advertiser’s message utilizing sight, sound, motion, emotion and color.” Source: TVB Web Site –TV Basics, Image of Advertising in Major Media.

KXLY ABC 4 Programming
KXMN My Network TV Programming

Why Radio?
Radio is the most flexible, targetable, and cost-efficient medium available to you today. The unique opportunity you have for a special, one-to-one relationship with both customers and prospects with Radio, is unmatched by any other advertising option. Information About KXLY Radio Stations

Why the Internet?
The Internet is the fastest-growing advertising segment in the world. The average person spends upward of 6 hours a day online, making it the perfect place to advertise to your ideal client or customer.

Cross-media opportunities exist right now!
KXLY delivers your message via unique advertising opportunities. Our stations’ audiences deliver the desirable demos for your business needs. Reach Eastern Washington and North Idaho’s diverse audience by incorporating the synergy of television, radio and Internet into your advertising campaigns. No matter what your target group, marketing message or budget, the KXLY Broadcast Group has multimedia solutions and advertising opportunities to fit your needs. KXLY’s commitment to the success of cross-media will ensure powerful and efficient custom packages in Eastern Washington & North Idaho with KXLY ABC 4, the KXLY Radio Group, and respective Websites!

KXLY ABC 4 aggressively cross-promotes its own television and radio stations, websites, and other mediums. These efforts also bring increased results to your advertising message.Contact KXLY to arrange a free consultation, and we will discuss a custom advertising package designed to deliver customers for your business. To speak with our Director of Sales for TV, Radio and Internet Sales, please call Debbie Sieverding at 509-329-4202, or E-mail her at

The KXLY Broadcast Group is owned and operated by Morgan Murphy Stations, a family-owned company, operating businesses in television, radio, and interactive media.