Accident At Iowa Town’s Fireworks Display Injures 37

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — One woman says she thought “This is it, we’re going to die” when a fireworks shell misfired Friday night in Charles City, Iowa.

A fire department spokesman says 37 people were hurt, but that most of the injuries were minor.

One spectator said it “was like a bunch of little fireworks” coming toward them “that started to explode.”

And police in Riverside, Ohio, say a man lost part of his leg when fireworks went off inside his parked SUV, blowing the windows out.

In Leominster, Massachusetts, police say they’ll probably charge a man with illegal possession of fireworks after his fireworks went away, seriously burning his three-year-old son.

And a six-year-old girl in Bayville, New York, suffered second-degree burns when fireworks landed in her lap.

At Port Huron, Michigan, a man was critically injured when a firework he was placing in a tube ignited.