‘A wild experience’: Tornado damages Spokane Valley homes and cars

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – Two trailer homes toppled over in Spokane Valley Friday night because of a tornado.

Those trailer homes are near 4th Avenue and Howe Street, just south of I-90 near the Spokane Club in the valley.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department said it had to extricate two people out of the trailers, and no one was seriously injured.

Dylan Goetsch’s home was spared being right next to one of the trailer homes that toppled over. A tree stopped that home from hitting his.

“With the kids inside, it was pretty scary,” he said.

Goetsch and other neighbors in the area spent the rainy Saturday cleaning up yards of debris, as well as helping those homeowners whose livelihoods flipped.

He said he brought in some plants when the wind was picking up and it looked like a storm was rolling in.

“A couple of minutes later, it was a ten-second burst of wind, there was a loud smash, you can see everything flying and then just like that it was gone,” he said.

His first thought was that it was a tornado. Goetsch is from Texas, and he said it looked “exactly like that.” A minute or so after the commotion, Goetsch went out to check on his neighbors. He said he knocked on the home next to his and the woman responded, then waited for the Spokane Valley Fire Department to come help. He wanted to help the trailer next to his neighbor’s but couldn’t.

“I didn’t know how to approach. It’s in the air,” he said.

A home just a few miles east of the toppled trailers was split down the middle because a tree fell on top. Just a few homes down, another tree fell on top of a car.

Spokane Valley homeowners spent Saturday trying to clean up and figure out how to move forward.

“It was just a wild experience and it was so sudden,” Goetsch said.

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