A new stadium may be coming to downtown Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP) and United Soccer League have announced a proposal for a 5,000-seat stadium in downtown Spokane.

The stadium would be home to Spokane Public Schools (SPS) football and soccer games, and DSP says it will also bring a new professional soccer team to town.

This comes in the midst of the Joe Albi Stadium demolition that is currently underway—DSP says this proposal would save SPS roughly $17.5 million in maintenance and operations by entering into a partnership for the new stadium, which would be operated by the Public Facilities District. The partnership also guarantees SPS free use of the venue, including free parking for all school events.

“This is a smart investment. It not only provides the district with cost savings, it makes a greater economic impact, leverages tax-payer dollars, supports local business and creates jobs,” said DSP President Mark Richard. “This kind of economic opportunity means even more now than it did a few years ago as Spokane works to recover from the economic recession brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community and our local businesses would benefit greatly from this opportunity.”

An economic study cited by DSP reports that a downtown stadium would generate $11.4 million for Spokane, along with $1.3 million for Albi.

This stadium initially went to the community for an advisory vote in 2018, where the proposal was shot down in favor of keeping the Albi space—at that time, the stadium was estimated to cost $31 million to construct. Since then, the United Soccer League has partnered on the project and will financially contribute to its construction, committing $2 million as of Tuesday.

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Aside from just school sports and soccer, the venue would also be available to host concerts, large-scale events and other sporting events.

DSP announced the proposal Tuesday and will submit it to the Public Facilities District and SPS board for review.