A man has another shot at life after nearly dying while on the Hoopfest court

SPOKANE, Wa. — A Hoopfest they won’t forget.

People are saying that after watching their longtime friend nearly die on the court.

A player in the senior division went into sudden cardiac arrest after playing on Saturday. That man has a 2nd shot at life, thanks to strangers who were in the right place at the right time.

Dave Huss- number 15- was playing in his first Hoopfest and nearly lost his life after losing his game.

“He literally goes from laughing… jacked to clinically dead on the court,” said John Bartholomew, Dave’s friend.

He went into cardiac arrest and immediately two spectators rushed in to help. Bartholomew tells us a young woman, in her mid-20s, took command of the scene instantaneously. She started lifesaving compressions even before paramedics arrived.

“The training of those two women saved David’s life. Period. That’s how it happened. They saved his life,” explained Bartholomew.

Not long after, the fire department was on the scene and Huss was taken to the hospital. The Fire Department says the second right after any medical emergency is vital to save someone’s life.

The people who jumped into action gave the 68-year-old player another shot at life.

This unfortunate event serves as a critical reminder for us all to know CPR and to be ready to use it at a moment’s notice, because it really can save someone’s life.

Dave’s friends told us he’s in good spirits, still recovering at the hospital.

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