‘A lot of rushing around’: Flower shops work to meet high demand for Mother’s Day

SPOKANE, Wash — There are only a few days left until Mother’s Day. The National Retail Federation says families are spending an average of $245 on Mother’s Day this year.

Flower shops are being flooded with Mother’s Day orders and staff is working hard to meet the demand.

“It’s a really nice time of year because we get to get spoiled with the volume of flowers we have in the store. We don’t usually have this many flowers,” said Sue Matteson, co-owner of Peterson & Sons.

It starts with putting natural greens inside the vase, then working to the flowers.

“It takes knowledge and skill, and I can’t just go through a temporary agency and say I need three designers. So we have a very dedicated crew they work really hard for us and we get it done,” Matteson said.

Last year, the shop delivered 150 orders on the Friday before Mother’s Day. Matteson says they’ll probably top that number this time around.

“It’s just a lot of rushing around, and trying to get everything done. We don’t like to turn people away,” she said.

As long as they have flowers they’ll continue to fill orders, but as the weekend approaches Matteson says people might be turned away.

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