A Lamb’s Best Friend Is A 170-Pound Rottweiler

DALTON GARDENS, Idaho — It’s not unusual for a sheep to reject her babies. When two lambs were left on their own, a Dalton Gardens family adopted the pair. One died right away, but the other survived with the help of a family pet.

At just three weeks old, the little lamb called Cinnamon is slowly discovering her tiny world.

“Her hair is soft,” says Jaylen Branen. “Whenever she runs, it’s really cute.”

Six-year-old Jack Brown named her.

“Well, she’s like brown and small like cinnamon,” he says. “I just wanted to name her Cinnamon.”

The Branen-Brown family adopted her three weeks ago, after her own mother rejected her. When they brought her home, J2, the family’s male Rottweiler, adopted her, too.

“He wouldn’t hurt a thing,” Jaylen says. “Only if he didn’t see a thing and stepped on it.”

J2 weighs 170 pounds, while Cinnamon is just seven pounds. But in this friendship, size doesn’t matter.

“She’s like, you know how she’s brown and J2 is black and she has some black,” explains Cassidy Branen. “J2 doesn’t have any white and she doesn’t. They are like the same.”

“They play together,” says Hannah Brown. “They do just about everything together.”

“J2 won’t let Cinnamon out of his sight, not once,” says Jaylen.

And if he does, Cinnamon isn’t happy, and she lets everyone know.

J2 does everything for Cinnamon except feed her. That’s someone else’s job, as Cinnamon gets four bottles a day.

Ever since Cinnamon arrived, Jack says J2 is getting a little bossy.

“Well, when we tell him to come here he doesn’t, so we have to drag him all the way,” he says.cassidy:

“And when we didn’t have Cinnamon, he would just come,” Cassidy adds.

The pair are inseparable, their connection unexplainable.

“I don’t know, maybe because of their color,” Jaylen explains. “Maybe J2 didn’t want them to die.”

Maybe it’s instinct, with Mother Nature at her best.

“They really, really love each other and that’s why,” says Cassidy.