A Few Good Men advance in TBT with a few good free throws

In the opening round of The Basketball Tournament held at Lewis and Clark High School, the team comprised mostly of former Gonzaga players were lifted over Team Utah by a pair of Matt Bouldin free throws.

This tournament features a new end-of-game format, when there are four minutes remaining, which ever team is the first to seven points more than the leading team’s score, wins. It was a back-and-forth game throughout, but Team Utah edged closer to the final 84-point goal.

Former Washington Husky Robert Upshaw fouled Team Utah who nailed two free throws to get to 83. A few possessions later he blocked a lay-up, A Few Good Men took it the other way and former Zag Matt Bouldin was fouled on the way to the bucket. He went 2-2, helping FGM to 84 points, where the game ended.

They advance in the pod, and will play former Saint Mary’s players, named Gael Force, tomorrow at 7:30p.m. at Lewis and Clark High School.