A damp morning, followed by possible thunderstorms this afternoon -Nikki

Here is your local weather forecast for June 16, 2020.

SPOKANE, Wash. — Good morning, and happy Tuesday! It’ll be another damp day ahead of us. Hang in there, folks! Warmer weather and sunshine is on the horizon.

We’ve seen rain showers overnight and early this morning. This will continue throughout our Tuesday. The weather action is coming from the southwest, giving our friends in the Seattle and Portland area some good rainfall before it heads our way.

Radar At 5am June 16

Your Tuesday will be mostly cloudy. We will see on and off rain showers throughout our day. If you broke out the umbrellas and rain gear yesterday, you’re in luck! You can use it again today.

Day Planner June 16

Afternoon high temperatures will be below average – again. We typically see low-70s this time of year. We are in a warming trend, however. We can expect warmer temperatures each day this week moving forward.

Todays Highs June 16

Tonight, temperatures will be in the mid to upper-40s. Mostly cloudy skies this evening. The potential for rain showers and thunderstorms will carry into the evening and overnight hours. There is a slight chance it’ll carry into early tomorrow morning as well.

Tonight Lows June 16

We’ve got some big days ahead! Students in Spokane are looking forward to the end of the school year and this weekend is Father’s Day. If you want to take dad out golfing, camping, anything outdoors – it’ll be a great weekend for it.

7 Day Forecast June 16

Make it a great Tuesday! -Nikki